Not in the way that you’d expect a 23-year-old girl to. I’m not in love with them or want to meet, date & marry an English guy, in fact that would be an extraordinary problem because I would mock everything the man said.

It all started when I was in elementary school and SClub7 was popular. I couldn’t get enough of that show. Not because it was super funny or entertaining (it was nothing compared to Boy Meets World or Saved By the Bell), but because the characters were English. Every day when the show was over, I would practice my English accent for a half hour and entertain myself.

Ever since then I just like to listen to English accents to make mine better. I bring this up today because my last table tonight was an English man and an American man, and no matter what that English guy said I thought it was funny.

“I would like a Jack Daniels and coke”

“Your timing was impeccable”

“I would like the ribeye, well done, with mashed potatoes and asparagus”

Ok, I see that reading those sentences is not funny or entertaining at all, but now re-read them with an English accent. Instant entertainment. So every time I went in the back after being at the table I repeated everything he said to my co-workers, again instant entertainment. This source of entertainment was even worth the fact that I knew I wouldn’t be getting a 20% tip, that’s pretty much unheard of from an English table. Any English accented table I’ve had in the past usually tips about 10%, so I was actually pretty happy with my 15%.

This encounter also reminded me of my favorite part of the summer so far, my English accent afternoon at Adventure Day Camp, but I think I’ll write about that in the morning, and I’ll probably survey people about the best five minutes of their summer so far too, so start thinking!