Children have no filter and it’s great. They are full of endless priceless comments that adults just can’t get away with, and I am super excited to have a new nephew today to add to my list of favorite kiddies! Baby Harrison was born last night at 11:01pm joining his 21 month old brother who is super cute.  Though those little boys aren’t quite old enough for priceless comments, those belong to my niece, 3-yr-old Madeline.

She is at the perfect age for the beginnings of funny, this is kind of like my English accent obsession, things from children are just funnier.

Quotes from yesterday:

In the middle of the day she runs to me, gives me a hug and says, “I missed you so much, Auntie ‘Chelle!”

“Auntie Jaime’s water broke? what does that mean? I think I only need one cousin…”

And my favorite Madeline thought – Me-“Madeline, do you want a brother or sister?” With tears in her eyes, “NO! I want a puppy!!!!”

Ok, so not such a funny post, but it should make you smile and it makes me happy to know I have one more little person to play with 🙂

Happy Birth, Harrison!!