Since the beginning of June I have been deeming Monday, “5 Mile Monday” and I’ve been doing pretty well, making sure to hit my goal each week. I wish I could say I’ve been running those miles, but most of them have been walked. But really I’m ok with that. I do a combo of walking outside with Bridget or run/walk/jog-ing in my basement. Bridge is out of town today so it was a treadmill morning. One of my summer goals is to watch a bunch of movies I missed, so I record them on our DVR and play them while I’m working out. Today I picked Run Fatboy Run and it was probably the perfect choice – resulting in 6.2 mile Monday!

I don’t think there’s a better movie out there for me! It included a cute kid, a small bakery shop run by Thandie Newton, a man training for a marathon, AND English accents! Also, it was directed by David Schwimmer, so I’d been meaning to check it out. I probably ranks as the number one movie I’ve worked out with this summer, much more motivating than My Sister’s Keeper, which was a really interesting movie, but not really a fit for the treadmill. I suggest you rent/record/download it and enjoy it, whether you’re running, walking or coach-potatoing, you’ll love it.