Sneezes are dangerous.

Today I sneezed and almost slipped down my stairs, since then, all day, I’ve been afraid to sneeze. That fear in conjunction with not being able to find any Claratin left me with a sneeze stuck in my nose for the entire day!

Yes, there are a lot of worse things in the world, but as a waitress having a stuck sneeze is terrible! Anytime I felt it coming on I had to get anything out of my hands and head for the back area, and even when I thought it would finally a-choo, nothing.

As I type this I can feel it coming again, but that sneeze stays stuck… at least it didn’t occur while I was driving, you know a sneeze and travel like 1,000 mph, that could be even more dangerous that my morning trip on the stairs. I hope you all had a sneeze-free day, and if not, God Bless You! Ok, God Bless You even if you didn’t sneeze today 🙂