My mom says sneezes are uninteresting, so maybe these two stories will make you laugh.

So my shift at work today started at noon, which is a new things we’re trying (finally) that has our lunch closers come in at noon instead of 10:30. This is great. The one tiny issue is that right when you walk in at noon, you get tables, great, except that you miss any before work info… especially if, like me, you have been off of work for the last three days. So I had no idea our lemonade was broken.

At about 12:45 Linda asks Ryan if we’re still out of lemonade and I, of course, overheard this and was confused because I just poured lemonade from the gun and it seemed to work. I told them that and they said, “what? you served that?” apparently the lemonade on the gun was just some sort of mucky water and i served it to two people, including refills. “When was someone gonna tell me?” They thought I knew lol. Whoops. I gave the guy his last refill from the pitcher of lemonade we borrowed from next door so I wonder what he thought when this glass was actually lemonade.

Second story. Picture this, my mom is super thirsty when she comes in from taking the dogs out, she opens the fridge and sees a half full water bottle in the door. She thinks to herself, wow that water looks good and takes a big sip. Problem is, she forgot that water bottle was half full of vodka from my brother’s sneak-in to the racetrack Saturday, another liquid whoops. She immediately texts my brother to tell him and he asks, “are you ok??” Luckily my mom doesn’t have that Abraham chugging gene and only had a small sip. Later when she tells my dad this story she adds that she had to have one of her little cheese right away lol That it something I wish I was home for!

Moral of these stories: a little taste test goes a long way!