My car is home, hooray!

Yesterday felt like musical cars. I went to work in a minivan and when I was able to come home on my break, the car was nowhere to be found. I had to call Canada (my dad, because no one else was available) to find out that my mom had swapped cars with me and I was supposed to be looking for the Mustang, in the complete other parking lot. So I drove that car home and back to work for my second shift, when again my car was swapped. This time back to the van, which I again couldn’t find in the parking lot. When I finally got home after one of the longest days I’ve had at work in a while, I returned to see my TOMSUE-mobile parked in the garage – somewhere it hasn’t been in a while! So now my car needs to stay out of the rain for a while and hopefully it will last a few more months to be worth the $1,000 we used to prolong its life.

This little episode made me start researching cars, which I know absolutely nothing about… any tips? What kind of car does a 23-year-old girl need? Considering I’m pretty sure I’m moving to Wicker Park in the next few months, I’m not actually a big fan of driving, I have a medium budget (for a young girl), but safety is important… oh yeah, and my dad won’t let me get a foreign car. Any thoughts?

Also, I’m totally going to get personalized license plates, how could I be an Abraham without them? Suggestions?