Super busy at work this past week, obviously I didn’t completely enjoy my Friday night, but Saturday ended up being a really fun shift. Even though we were there a lot longer than we expected to be, Linda and I worked a really fun 60th Anniversary Party. It as nice to spend time with this family and hear all of their funny stories, like about how this was only the third time Aunt Judy’s younger sister had ever seen her drunk, and that “we should probably order soon, Judy’s slurring her words.”

It was sweet to hear the anniversary couple give a toast and a speech about their time together and their families and it was super cute that they Skyped a cousin that couldn’t make it to the party.

Also they had this cute cake thing, which I suppose could be on my other blog… they had four small different cakes, one on each table and each a different flavor set up for dessert. Each table was supposed to slice it and then if you wanted to try some of someone else’s table you had to go get some. The flavors were picked specifically for the couple, including a lemon poppyseed cake for the grandpa. They were adorable centerpieces and a really cute idea for a formal-ish event.

Sorry if this post was a little gushy and not so funny, but better than a super complainer post!

I do have a though of the day though… why does garlic linger so long on your tongue and what is the best way to get rid of it? Of what I tried, chocolate and graham crackers seemed to win.