Real Michelle wins.

Today was a good one. After over a year of looking, I FINALLY got a journalism job!

But don’t get too excited, it’s still an unpaid internship, but this one is a legit one with a 3-month training/internship plan and after that I get hired or basically fired I guess, though I suppose I could choose to leave. Anyways, it is a food marketing/advertising agency, Savor. And I’m excited to finally have a reason to write about food πŸ™‚

The funny part about today was that I scheduled two interviews, the Savor internship at 9:30 and then a sales job at 2:30, which I wanted to go to since the ad sounded too good to be true, which I deemed it was. Plus it made me laugh how different I was in each interview. In the first, I was Michelle, nerdy, food-loving, wordy, real, Michelle. In the second interview, I was fake Michelle. Sure I was being me, but me+, which is too much fake laughs, fake smiles and fake interest. The minute I walked in the door I realized how wrong that job was for me, but luckily I was already offered the internship and called the company on my drive home and accepted the position. I start next week and finally get to cut to part-time, or less, at my serving job. I’ve always said the only thing I will do for free is write (or talk) about food, so this is a good fit. Now I’m just on to making more important life decisions soon, wish me luck!