It’s a common idea that your taste buds change ever seven years due to some scientific notion that I really don’t know anything about (Sidenote: despite my interest in baking and exercising, I know nothing about science. I had to type my AP Physics teacher’s notes up in high school in order to get a B in the class.) I have a related theory, I think your taste buds also change due to your surroundings.

This makes a lot of sense, right? If you move to another country, you’d eventually adapt your taste buds a bit to their national food and drink, or at least come across something you’d never heard of and add it to your repertoire of preferred cuisine.

I also think the people you spend time with can change your eating habits. Although I will never find love for cream cheese, even with almost all of my best friends and former roommates sharing a love for it, I feel like my taste buds have changed a lot in the last year, mostly since I started waiting tables. I suddenly (like meaning I decided it today) love guacamole, as long as it is cilantro-free, and I’m a big fan of salsa (again c-free). I also now like pulled chicken and/or pork. I super love asparagus, Westwood’s seasonal vegetable (since November) and I like Champagne and homemade Caesar salad dressing. It may seem like those are normal people foods, but a little over a year ago, I probably wouldn’t eat or drink any of them. Oh, and coconut too! Though I still hate coconut flavored things.

So this was a boring post, but it’s prepping me for my big week of starting my internship at Savor tomorrow and also my big photo/videographer appointment Tuesday night – the “show” fudge is already chilling the fridge. I’m sure I could have entertained you all more with the stories of Westwood last night, but those need to be told in person. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday 🙂