I believe I broke the law today, I was driving barefoot.

You would flip your sweaty shoes off too if you were driving the TOMSUE-mobile on a 91 degree day on an hourlong commute. You see, I’m very happy my car returned, but it would have been even better if when it came back to me it was fully functioning. I no longer have a clock, which incidentally makes me feel late at all times of the day, and the air conditioning plays games with me. It either makes me feel frozen, this morning for example, or results in me walking in my house soaked in sweat, this afternoon. I mean I guess it wasn’t the other way around since I spent all day at a job and would’ve felt pretty ugly and disgusting in a sweaty sundress, but c’mon, TOMSUE, I need you to work for real!

Sidenotes on my car topic (sidenotes on sidenotes: i love sidenotes):

1. I really hate driving

2. I’m actually not so bad at parallel parking

3. I want to test drive the Ford Fiesta, but only in lime green

4. And I realllllllly hate driving