So although the only people who respond to these posts are my mom and Justine, I know you all read it – guess what, I can check that. Ok, so I don’t know who reads it, but unless my mom sits and clicks the blog 25 times a day, someone else is out there… so maybe someone will answer my silly question today? 🙂

As you know, before I head to the dinner shift at Westwood, I watch Jeopardy! Obviously this is an interactive(ish) program, meaning I tell Alex Trebeck the answers… in the form of a question, of course, so it leads to me talking to myself aloud from 3:30-4. I’m not gonna lie, I talk to myself out loud all of the time and I would really love to know if I’m the only one. Does anyone else actually discuss things with themselves or am I a total nutcase? My mom says I used to talk to the walls when I was a toddler alone in my bedroom (though I’m guess I was talking to Snuggle), so I guess things haven’t changed too much since then. Anyways, I’m getting away from this silly topic…  just humor me and respond, so that I’m not just humoring myself 🙂