It’s been a while since I did a treadmill movie, I actually feel like it makes time go way faster because movies are meant to hold your attention for long periods of time vs. TV which is for quicker spurts. I was watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, yep a cartoon. I’ve never read the book but heard the movie was cute and since I love food so much I figured I would like it. So far, so good, I didn’t finish it since it’s not “5 Mile Monday,” so I stopped at 3.5 miles, right at the spaghetti tornado scene.

The movie was super silly and the one character is really obsessed with the golden scissors he uses to cut the banners at grand opening events, this made me laugh because I once got to do that and it was one of my favorite things ever. When I was Miss Septemberfest in 2006, I got to cut the food tent ribbon when it opened Saturday morning, and we have a framed picture of it in my basement (funnily enough, it’s right next to the treadmill). I can’t help but smile when I think about it because that was probably one of my favorite moments of my favorite weekend of my life–maybe Tuesday night actually had some competition for “best hour ever.”

Also today, Stevie reminded me she is coming Sunday night for Septemberfest which made me super happy and led me to count, only 21 days until the best weekend ever! If you don’t know what Septemberfest is, you’re really missing out, and even if you do know what it is, if you’ve never had an “Abraham” Septemberfest, you only know half the awesomeness. Look out for more counting down in the next three weeks!