Everyone has a favorite lounge-y outfit, I call mine my “uniform.”

Actually I have two, one for summer and one for winter, and they’re basically the same thing. My grey Cubs tank top and my blue cougar sweatpants, or in the summer blue cougar shorts. If you don’t know what cougar pants means, it is not a trashy 40-year-old woman reference, it’s my high school mascot. They’re supremely huge and comfortable and they’ve gotta be worth however much I ( really, my mom) paid for them considering I used to wear the sweatpants every Thursday sophomore year – I’ve had both of these uniform bottoms for seven years. (i’m old).

So the question is, when do I have to stop wearing them? Well I mean I’m never gonna stop wearing them… but when do I have to stop wearing them in public? Or maybe that should’ve happened already…

It seems like you can wear college clothes forever, no one looks at your strange in a t-shirt that says Drake Relays or a super-comfy college hoodie on a Sunday afternoon in Jewel, but I think I get some stares in my “uniform”. Maybe it’s because I’m obviously not 17 anymore? Or maybe it’s because I can pass for 17 and I wear these clothes in the middle of a weekday during the school year. It’s also possibly that you can tell these are really old pants and people want me to buy new clothes. Or maybe no one cares, but that’s my thought today as I weigh whether or not to change my shorts to go to Target. Enjoy your Sunday!