I’m ridiculously competitive.

I hate being told I can’t do something, especially before given a chance. I bet people things all the time, and I once ran so fast up and down the stairs at Westwood with what felt like a gazillion drafts on my tray because a man at a party asked me, if I “was going to be able to handle this?” I think it comes from trying to compete with my brother, Michael, while growing up. Michael always wanted to impress our oldest brother, Tommy, and I always wanted to impress him. It didn’t really ever work, though between the two of them I learned how to eat triple cheeseburgers, burp really loud and throw a football with a pretty good spiral.

Being über competitive isn’t always a good thing, but it’s not always a bad thing either. It makes me challenge myself with some things I wouldn’t attempt. It also gets me in a lot of arguments… but let’s get back to my point, the good thing about being competitive is that I can convince myself to do things that are good for you. For example, I am challenging myself to go 12 days without any dessert foods. You might think, yikes, the dessert queen without dessert? You may not know but for two years straight I’ve given up chocolate for lent, and it’s been difficult but I handled it successfully. So this time I need a mini dessert break for two related reasons.

Reason #1, my most amazing Tuesday night resulted in about 400 pieces of fudge in my freezer. Now I am super excited for my article and video on Wednesday, but I’m gonna be honest, there are probably only 200 pieces of fudge left. Ok, I didn’t eat it ALL myself, but I ate enough… which brings me to reason #2: siting at a computer burns less calories than running around a restaurant. That’s a pretty self-explanatory one. Granted I’m still working both jobs, it’s not the same, enter the 12 day-no-dessert challenge. I made it through day 1 (after a cinnamon themed baking marathon last night), wish me luck! PS, in case you’re wondering where I came up with 12 days, it’s because that’s how many days until Septemberfest!! My favorite “holiday” (well it is a holiday technically) weekend of the year!! Filled with yummy ice cream vendors, melting pot chocolate fondue and Jell-O jiggler shots (technically desserts). So that will be my reward.