I don’t cry in public.

You could ask almost all of my best friends, some of which I’ve known for over a decade, some almost 20 years and they would tell you they’ve seen me cry maybe three times. Well none of them were there last night, so that number remains.

Last night was Linda’s going away party, she’s leaving for L.A. tomorrow! If you don’t know Linda, well then you’re missing out – because she’s awesome, but she’s also my best friend at Westwood and for a lot of the last ten months, she’s been my best friend of all. There were a few months where I almost spent every waking moment at work and if it wasn’t for her I’d have cried everyday (in the car or at home of course, not in public). She’s just one of those people you had no idea was going to have an immense impact on your life, but she did.

Anyways, she’s not dead, she’s just moving. So I’m very VERY very excited for her amazing opportunity, she’s gonna be a super famous film bigwig and make millions of trillions of dollars, and then eventually move back to Chicago to raise a family. So this is my good luck post, to my psuedo-sister that can never be replaced. Linderrrrr, you taught me a lot in a short amount of time and Westwood won’t be the same without you – but you are gonna be amazing while basking in the Hollywood sun, so even if you ever feel a little depleted, know that you’re gonna make it…. and that you gave me all your work shirts, so you can’t come back to the ‘wood 🙂 Love you!