The night that I shot my fudge video, I bought a $95 toothbrush on Amazon. I know, that sounds super nuts. Well if you’ve been reading this blog (or know me at all) you know that it’s not super nuts, it’s super-michelle. I ordered the toothbrush because that night I realized that I really do want to be on TV, and since my teeth are pretty much by best feature, I need to keep them clean and nice for as long as possible!

My dental school friend picked me out the Oral B 5000 (I think that’s its name), mentioning that all of his dental school students have that one, so I made a super impromptu purchase and four days last my expensive purchase arrived. This was right about the time I took my halfsie paycut (part-time internship + restaurant = <$ full-time restaurant), so I had a spare $100 at the time, now not so much.

Anyways, the point of my story is two-fold. #1 – the toothbrush is great, but it makes me feel so lazy! I literally press a button and for 2 minutes (the wireless timer tells me when to move the brush to a new region) I hold my toothbrush and slightly move it, the brush does the hard part. I feel like I’m at the dentist just chilling out with toothpaste all over my chin waiting to spit. This reminds me that we are sooooo lazy and pay lots of money for machines to do work all the time… though this time it leaves my teeth plaque-free 🙂

And I can’t forget #2 – that these clean teeth will hopefully come in handy, because I’m going to visit broadcasting school next Wednesday! Smiles on that 🙂 but I’m thinking it might be one more of those big purchases (and by that I mean student loan add-ons) I’m not really equipped to pay. Oh well, I’ll deal with it. TOMSUE better hold on though because,  my bank account doesn’t want to pull double duty!!

PS – 2 days til my dessert detox is up… but more importantly until Septemberfest!! YAY, my favorite weekend filled with family, friends, fireworks and fun! And other things that don’t fit into my alliteration. The orange fences, rides and tents are up!