After the best weekend of the year, I really REALLY needed to spend a lot of time with my treadmill and me and my new RunTones got to know each other quickly.

After two 4 mile sessions I felt like I’d made up for the creamsicle drinks, Lou Malnati’s pizza and parade candy… well at least some of it!

I got to watch some interesting TV, including the debut of the 14th season of The View, which unsurprisingly, is one of my favorite shows. I am not ashamed that I love The View. I think it’s really funny and a pretty good source of news. You might argue that it’s not really “news” but if that’s how you feel then I bet you haven’t watched the coverage they give to world news, political topics and health information. Granted it’s all mixed in with celeb gossip and silly stories about their families, but that’s why I love it!

Barbara Walters was back today after a very long hiatus – she was recovering from open heart surgery and David Letterman joined her as a fellow heart surgery recipient. It was actually really interesting and somehow lead to me watch Dr. Oz during treadmill round 2, and i watched his colonoscopy. Yes, that sounds disgusting, but it actually doesn’t look that gross, it just looks like a non-cartoon version of the Magic School Bus, it was definitely motivation to keep run/walk/jogging and finish my miles.

Oh yeah, I forgot I was meaning to review my new shoes! I love them, which is great because they were expensive… not as much as my toothbrush, but pretty pricey! Aside from the fact that I bought black running shoes, stupid me was probably thinking Westwood, they really propelled me to keep running. I just hope they last longer than my EasyTones, which I wore for seven months at Westwood before they deflated on me, wish me luck!