I’ve never broken a bone or been severely hospitalized (like my brother), but I have had many mich-injuries in my life, including two that are irritating me right now.

I’m the queen of insta-bruising and pretty much have bruises on my legs always, and my hips, I tend to think I can fit somewhere and then remember that sure my waist might squeeze through but the rest of me doesn’t stand a chance!

I’ve also had a zit on my chin since I turned 12. It’s not always in the same place, but I can’t remember a time it was completely clear… I know that sounds gross but if you’ve ever met me then you know I’m not lying. My current mich-injuries are made up of one giant bump to the right of my nose. I thought it was a zit but I’m not so sure anymore, all I know it that my face is swollen and when I look down all I see is cheek! My glasses are ever bumping into it. So that’s pretty painful, and also my left index finger  is almost recovered from the ginormous slice I took out of it in attempting to open a bottle of wine on Saturday. This was before I drank the wine, so it was a completely alcohol-free incident – one that could’ve probably used a stitch or two. But I already have two stitches scars, and I think that’s enough. Plus I don’t have insurance, so the Nexcares did the trick.

So now that I’ve thoroughly grossed you out, I’ll switch to fun news — I’m officially starting broadcasting school September 27th! I’m pretty psyched, so you can be happy for me too 🙂 I will have to go back to many more hours at Westwood, but I think I”ll make do. Also, Michael found his keys, long story, but after days of turning the world upside down they appeared above the microwave, a very silly place to put them. Oh well, no one was injured in the process. Except I think he owes my dad more than a few hours.