Last week I baby-sat my niece for a few hours. Aside from the whining about wanting to watching Godzilla (Auntie ‘Chelle is afraid of Godzilla, Madeline, you’ll have to deal with that) it was pretty easy.

Three year olds are much much much easier to deal with than two-year olds, they can actually have a conversation with you. There are fewer tantrums (hopefully) because they are able to describe what they want or need, even if they’re still difficult to decipher…”printer, printer, Auntie ‘Chelle, not PICT-TURE!”

The point of this story though, is to say that my sister paid me $60 when she didn’t owe me a cent. (Sorry to call you out, Marilee… I know you read this). Although I extremely appreciate the money, it wasn’t necessary.  Your reasoning was that I took off work to watch Madeline, which is true and it was the kick-off night for football season, so yeah maybe $60 was an appropriate trade-off, but don’t I probably owe you a few hundred baby-sitting hours?

As the youngest of four kids, I am pretty sure that my sister (the oldest) spent more hours than she wanted watching us. And even though we sometimes called her the “Fire Breathing Dragon,” she still succeeded in making sure we didn’t kill each other.  Maybe every once in a while my parents paid her, but I must owe her something.

Let me reimburse you, Maril, with these community-service children hours because when I have a three-year-old, I’m probably just going to drop her off at your house and not even think about writing you a check. However, at the rate my life is going, Madeline will probably be driving by then, so I guess I’ll just pay her.

So thank you very much, but it’s not necessary. Plus I ate your food.