Way long ago…. when I started writing this blog, I wrote my very first entry about how technology is ruining my life. Because honestly my computer is my best friend.

I know, that sounds REALLY sad.

But, I analyzed that idea in the car today and I realized WHY my computer is my best friend. Because my best friends are in the computer.

I’m really lucky because I have a lot of really good, true friends, probably more best friends than most people. But I’m not lucky because literally only one of those amazing friends lives within ten minutes of me. I mean it’s awesome that I could fly over to New York, Iowa, Wisconsin, or recently California and have a place to stay, not to mention the ability drive a bit to Dekalb, Chicago or take a very mini trip to Palatine and be set with a best friend to hang out with, but it sucks that I’m outta luck on my people in person, hence the love of my MacBook (and my phone)… because that’s where my friends are!

I spend at least an hour a day having virtual conversations with one of my best buddies, because, like most people, I need them in my life to give me their opinions on my life decisions (especially recently, since I have so many turns of events), so that is my thought today as I again, spent a lot of time texting, facebook chatting, skyping and emailing all of my best friends. It’s not like I’d ever want to give these girls up, so for now, I’ll keep spending those hours with my computer, cuz I like sitting in my pjs anyways.