I understand the need for speed limits, and as a girl who’s yet to be pulled over (knock on wood), I obviously follow them.

Going 25 mph in a residential area makes complete sense. Though everyone may not agree, 45mph near someone’s house is much too fast to stop if a kid accidentally ran into the street, and on the other hand, 25 mph is way too slow to drive for more than 5 minutes. I even understand 35 mph, it’s for those middle ground area, but what drives me nuts is 40mph. Really? What in the world makes it necessary in the middle of a LONG street (i.f. Golf Road… believe me, it’s a long one), for the speed limit to weave in and out of 40 and 45mph.

First, no one (not even me), even reacts to the signage change. Sure, I see the 40mph peek out behind the tree, but I pretty much ignore it – especially because my fellow drivers are not planning to slow down and it’s much more important for me to protect the TOMSUE-mobile than make sure I’m completely obey-ing the law… I’ve come along way people.

And second, I actually would like an explanation to this, why does the 40mph even exist (30 is kinda pointless too). As I took my last trip (for now at least) alllllll the way East on Golf road (internship complete) I will not miss the frequent speed changes, not to mention the crazy cRazY CRAZY summer of construction!

Let’s home my trek to Lombard is more of a coast! Broadcasting school starts Monday 🙂