It’s been a while since I updated here, but I’ve been a little busy! In the last few weeks I decided to go to broadcasting school, ended my internship, visited my best buddy (best friends since the first day of kindergarten!) added many hours to my Westwood schedule, went shopping twice for school things… probably still need to go, and took a bunch of naps! Which, if you know me, naps aren’t the norm. I generally only fall asleep in the middle of the day if I didn’t get any sleep or if I’m sick… hopefully it was just first day of school nerves!
Yesterday was the first day and my goal at each session is to not suck. And by that I mean, I need to make each session meaningful and do something to make it worth my time (not to mention my money…) So, for the first day that equaled signing up for a field trip on Thursday. I happened to not be scheduled at Westwood so instead, I am going to the Judge Mathis show downtown! The only thing that was problematic was that I need to wear professional clothes, which I don’t own. Well, I’ve been waitressing for almost a year (!) and have been wearing pretty much the exact same outfit (well I’ve been through three pairs of jeans, but you know what I mean), hence the shopping trips… where today I got stuck in a dress at the Limited. No, actually it wasn’t my giant hips that got stuck, but instead what I call my “Italian Grandma Arms,” oh well, at least I got out alive! Alright, that’s enough for now, you probably stopped reading a while back anyways. Day two tomorrow!