No, I didn’t get a brain freeze… but the roof of my mouth is completely frost-bitten!

Yesterday I went to the Long Grove apple fest with my sister, my niece and Bridget and had no idea I would come home with a prize of over $100 in ice cream and a frozen mouth!

I entered a speed-ice cream-eating contest as the last contestant and beat all of my twelve competitors by finishing my pint of cookie dough ice cream in less than three minutes. Honestly, it wasn’t too difficult stomach wise, I’m guessing because it was so fast. But it was SUPER cold and hurt my teeth, mouth and hands!

I love ice cream, but I love soupy, creamy pints, not hard as a rock, frozen ones, and that’s what they handed out. Add a very blustery fall day and you have a recipe for difficulty! After I squeezed out half of the ice cream (squishing the pint and literally chewing the ice cream), I was flustered because I didn’t know how to deal with the super frozen stuff. I ended up using the plastic spoons to get out the bottom and finished first! I laugh because I had a bunch of nervous energy the whole time, basically because I love dessert so much that I was realizing if I didn’t win the competition it would be a wasted pint of ice cream in cost, taste and calories. By God, if I was planning to eat 700+ calories in less than five minutes, I was going to come out a winner – and I did. So congratulations to me 🙂 I hope everyone had such a fun Saturday afternoon!