I decided I need to write a list of life goals.

When I sit in class, I recall all the years I’ve spent sitting in class and all the daydreaming I’ve done. I spent countless hours in elementary school probably practicing multiplication tables (super nerd alert), and in high school I wrote my name over EVERY paper. I was always practicing the different “fonts” I could use… dots, serifs, swirlies, bubble-letters, Michelle, Michelle Rose, Michelle Abraham, Michelle Rose Abraham… and in college I drew cakes all over my  notebooks. There are plenty of dessert sketches that turned into my friends & family member’s birthday cakes.

So now that I spend a good 12 hours sitting in class every week (actually this will change tomorrow when we start recording radio clips), I’ve been daydreaming about life goals and I think I need to write them down before I forget them. Lots of people have “bucket-lists” but I’m not sure on that label. Any thoughts? I feel like it’s a downer to call it a bucket-list. Is there a happier way to say you’re writing a list about things you want to do before you die?

This totally reminds me of years ago (probably more than ten) when my brother had a list of life goals that included “don’t get shot, ever.” He’s doing good so far on that one – though I always said it was super silly to have a goal you can’t accomplish until you’re gone.

My list is a little more positive and nerdy of course, like publish a children’s book and get certified to teach group fitness classes. Anyone reading have a list of life goals?