In every shift of a restaurant, there’s probably at least one worker who is exhausted and/or doesn’t want to be at work, especially where I work, mostly because there are so many of us. But for some reason on Sunday nights, no one wants to work.

Is it because they (we) are convinced that Sundays aren’t busy nights or is it due to the long friday and saturday nights as well as our attempt to have social lives? It’s like you walk into work and everyone just seems tired, friendly, yet sleepy. So my question is to non-servers, do you go out to eat on Sunday nights? would you?

This is a tired thought because I am exhausted. I worked 45 hours this week, which lots of people I work with do all of the time and I used to too, but it’s been a while so my body is confused again, but I’m not gonna lie, I still kinda like it. I guess that’s why I’ve been doing it for an entire year, yikes. Good night.