My radio instructor forgot to teach us how to “mixdown” when recording on Monday, which is a pretty important tool since it allows you to save as a wave file, when he realized his mistake he apologized saying he was “having a Monday.”

Well my Monday was fine but today I’m having my Monday, even though it’s Wednesday. I woke up to run this morning and after a 5 min warm-up walk, I turned my treadmill to 6.0 and 30 seconds later my bruised rib kicked in and doubled me over in pain. I don’t know what I did, but it’s not good. I had to walk the rest of the workout and could hardly breathe. I almost turned around while driving to school because turning left incited a load of pain. Although I finally have insurance again, I really don’t think it’s worth going to the doctor, is there really anything you can do for a rib injury? On top of that I had a stressful day feeling torn between work and school and balancing time. I have a plan now though (like I always do) so hopefully that will work.

On a more fun note I believe I’m going to buy a bedroom furniture set tomorrow, basically because my bedroom furniture is plastic and I decided that starting tomorrow when I decorate my sister’s bday cupcakes, I’m going to webcam nillarose episodes, so that might be entertaining.

Wish me luck on working today, I hope my Monday Wednesday ends soon!