On the Road! 1st stop – Nebraska!

First day of 11 hour drive = success! Only two more days to go and I’ll be in a brand new city, state, lifestyle – can’t wait. My little Fiesta is doing great.

Of course, we got a little bit of a later start than expected, but then again, was the estimated time of departure really believable to anyone?

Took a little over 11 hours, but we made it – just with super sore legs and a few pit stops.

My dad said, “It’s 93 degrees out and I don’t even have shorts on. It’s supposed to be chilly this time of year.” No dad, you don’t have shorts on because I told you I’m never going in public with Jorts again.


Also, note on Nebraska – feel free to go to dinner in your jammies, because everyone else is in them too… but I actually think that’s their dinner clothes – also, don’t go to Applebees, even if you think it’s ok in Nebraska, it’s not.

Tomorrow starts at 5:45! Cuz really there’s nothing else to do in North Platte. And the “fitness center” is in the lobby, that’s even too embarrassing for ME to use!