So yesterday was exactly what Nebraska and Iowa are known to be, slightly boring but generally what you assume, and today was the same – but Colorado and Utah are actually interesting!

From the first 5 minutes over the border to “colorful” Colorado, we were entertained by the scenery and gigantic mountains, it really is amazing what other parts of the country look like.

We ended up stopping at a scenic rest stop that was pretty amazing – pictures will be online soon.

There are some funny signs in Colorado, one for Colorado style pizza, which I would love to know about – is it snowy on top and hot on the bottom? Is it uneven in heights?

My FAVORITE sign was: Correction Facility, do not stop for hitch-hikers

Traffic kept switching on us and my dad’s comments made me laugh, first he kept saying, “how are we stuck in traffic in the middle of nowhere?” but a few hours later, “where the hell is everyone?”

So we are in Utah now, went to dinner at 7:45 and my dad ordered a beer and was told he couldn’t have one until 8 because it was an election day – so funny, he thought she was kidding.

Overall, 10/10 for Colorado and 9/10 for Utah, just because it’s pretty bare and really the mountains were sub-par to the Rockies.

Last day of the trip tomorrow!!