First of all, let ms say I do have a sister, a very good sister, who always took me to lunch at bennigan’s and bought me things from target, but that’s not what I mean.

Linda is the sister I always wanted Michael to be. When I was growing up, all my friends had a sister two or three years older than them that taught them how to do stuff, but let’s be honest, they also got benefits from these sisters. If the sister was a great softball player, a cheerleader or super smart, the little one was basically sworn in as the same-all I had was, in junior high, being related to the meow mix prank caller and then in high school, the football coach liked me because, “you’re an Abraham, you can squat.”
Not that I don’t think achieving things on your own is too hard or worthless, in fact it’s probably better, but in today’s world-especially in LA- it really is who you know and what they think of you, which is why Linda is that (pseudo) sister to me, and I was able to get a paying job the fifth day of living here 🙂
Granted it was lugging ice, waters, tables and dumpsters around what felt like Jurassic Park and I thought I was gonna die a few times. I survived, got money and experience and some super unattractive tan lines.
Day 2 today, less dirt, more almost getting lost. But it’s me, that’s to be expected.
Really excited for tomorrow!