I will never understand the thought behind beeping the horn at someone walking down the street. As Bridget knows from the countless walks we’ve been on, it drives me nuts! Sometimes I want to do exactly the unexpected and run up to the car and wave in my giddiest voice and say, “Hi, I’m Michelle, what’s your name?” Then I realized I could get killed or abducted that way and the comedic element would probably be lost.

You see, I do not understand the purpose of this beeping, what exactly are you trying to say? Because all it looks like is, “hey you’re a woman and I’m a cave man.” And it never matters what the walker/runner is wearing. I’ve been beeped at in giant Cougar sweatpants (Conant Cougar, not old lady hitting on young man Cougar) and an oversized hoodie just as many time as in a tank top and shorts.

Now today I realized I was wearing a slightly more revealing top, a spaghetti strap tank, but only because I have what looks like a GIANT X on my back due to the longest day ever in the desert for Fear Factor on Monday and I’m trying to get rid of it. It’s kinda embarrassing to have Italian arms and a German back. So I’m walking along talking to my mom on the phone and then listening to music and I keep getting beeped at, which only made me want to run home as fast as possible and put on a t-shirt and then I hear this deep bellowing noise that did not come from a car horn.

My first thought was, seriously, I am not in the mood to be cat called. I’m crabby, I have no job and I’m feeling fat, don’t talk to me. Then I heard it again and I thought some man barked at me.

I was kind of right. I look in front of me to the left and there is a huge truck with four enormous (like double my size) dogs barking at me. I’d literally been barked at. So even though I hate and don’t understand being beeped at, I think I’d rather that than this. At least there’s some sort of positive relation to the beep, being barked at just makes you feel like an eyesore, and it’s kind of scary when there are four Beethoven’s staring you down from behind a teeny tiny pane of glass they could easily bust out of.

At that point my self-esteem really dropped and I did run home. So I guess that was good for me. I need a gym membership.