Well, I got my chocolate. And my wine. And my Caprese salad, bruschetta, pesto pizza, appletini, gelato, chicken madeira, pine nut salad and groceries for the next two weeks.

Oh, yeah, and I got to spend time with my mom too! (And sleep in a hotel for three nights with a fitness center and hot water in the bathroom sink!)

Thanks dad, for watching Sonny, so that mom could travel around Southern California with me for three days. We spent the week being tourists and running errands, both things that are pretty necessary when you move to a new area. First of all, I forgot about a bunch of things when I moved. I mean, I remembered the important things, clothes, toothpaste, picture frames, but I forgot about the actual important things – laundry detergent, lysol wipes, hangers, and dryer sheets. Needless to say, laundry is in my future. Yuck, I hate laundry, vacuuming and driving, which is something I’m working on getting over, really fast. You see, you may have heard about driving and traffic in California, but until you’ve been here, you can’t understand. You pretty much have to drive to go anywhere. I lucked out because my roommates picked an apartment super close to the nice downtown Culver City area, so there is somewhere for me to walk to, but driving is a definite must.

I just went on a tangent, sorry, I’m tired. Apparently I was yelling in my sleep last night.

So quick recap. Mom came to visit – we got lost in a few parking garages, we went to Ugo in Culver City for delicious Italian food and gelato, the next day we were in the audience of The Talk and got free e-readers! Kobo brand, still trying to figure out if I ever want to buy a book, but at least I can if I want to. Then we went to Hollywood & Highland for lunch, a gastropub, but we had more Italian food, walked around there for a while and then headed to the bar at the hotel for martinis and dinner. Yesterday we did a whole bunch of nothing in the morning, then ran errands and relaxed walking around Santa Monica, which is definitely where I’ll be taking any visitors, beautiful beach, fun pier and an adorable promenade, which Linda & Cynthia took me to last year.

I’m so happy she could visit, and it was perfect timing. Dealing with nothing to do but clean is actually more stressful than having things to do. Though I’m sure when my life changes I’ll disagree with myself. We will just have to wait and see. I had two interview/audition/workshop things today, hopefully something awesome comes out of that – but for now, Linda’s birthday party tomorrow, woo hoo! Happy Birthday, Pseudo-sister!