Best parts of the day: Linda was off so I wasn’t alone googling jobs, instead we watched movies and broke out a super long Pilates DVD. Also, all four of us ate dinner together, I’m not sure we’d done that yet.

Medium parts of the day: Booking two paying things to do this week (Friday & Sunday). They’re medium because Friday’s consists of standing for 3 hours in Santa Monica for $30 and Sunday I’m pretty sure I’m being a carny at a fair for $10/hr. Either way, that’s money I don’t have and time I do have so that’s good, but not super awesome.

Worst part of the day: finding baby ants in my cereal.

Even worse part: I already ate some before I noticed. Gross. At least it was the end of the box. I had popcorn instead.

Here’s my question of the day for you guys, What is “the person” you always want to be? For example, as I said the other day, I had an amazing time at the women’s expo and we bought super silly “LA” hats, but the 20 minutes we hung out in the hat booth, trying on all the different colors and styles making up scenes and voices for each one, is my favorite version of myself. No matter how my professional and personal life changes in the future, I always want to be that girl playing in the hat booth. What about you?