Not gonna lie, I would never know who Albert Hammond is except I googled, <<who wrote “it never rains in southern california.”>> Apparently, that guy.

And he was wrong. It actually rained yesterday! Not like the five-minute comforting drizzle of last Friday, but an intense, I thought someone was taking a really long shower upstairs rain. It was the first day since I’ve been here that an hour-long walk in the sun was not as option. Thankfully I am the self-titled “Queen of workout DVDs,” and Jillian Michaels got me thought the storm (literally).

Thankfully Stevie gave me an AMC gift card as a graduation present so Linda and I got to spend the afternoon doing the perfect rainy day activity – going to a super sappy and funny movie, 50/50. It was a really great movie, it actually did make us laugh and cry. For me it was tough because it told a lot of the story of being diagnosed with cancer and going through chemotherapy that I missed when my mom was going through it. For the most part, I was away at school in Des Moines and missed out on that. Not that it’s at all glamorous or something you should ever want to experience, but sometimes being so close to that situation but not fully understanding it is difficult and this movie let me in on that. It was pretty emotional, but actually I was happy to see it and the movie was super heartfelt and real. And of course earned extra points from me because I laughed a lot too. I give it 10/10 brownie points.

Interestingly enough, as Linda and I were walking in downtown Culver City last night, we were offered tickets to a screening of an unreleased movie for today. We obviously took the tickets (bored and poor) but this movie did not get 10 brownie points from me. I’m not supposed to tell you anything about it but let’s say bodies splitting in half in 3D is not exactly something I’d pay to go see, so luckily I didn’t have to.

On another note, today was my nephew, Grenning’s, 3rd birthday and I miss that little Gee Willikers so much! I called him on my way home from the movie and he sounded so happy to be eating his birthday ice cream with his dad and brother, and he’s such a funny balance of a stubborn pain and an adorably polite little boy that you can’t help but melt when he screams, “Thank you Auntie ‘Chelle!!!!” over the phone. I hope someone takes pictures of him at his party Sunday for me to see! Free month-long gym membership and getting paid to watch a taping – woo, that $30 that I just spent on ingredients to shoot a new Sweet Talk. Oh, well, gotta live a little.