I miss my house and all my people. And my dog.

Just wanted to get that out there. I’m almost homesick enough to fly into O’hare and pick up Westwood shifts next week. Almost is the key word in that sentence. It sucks that I was well aware of the feelings and concerns that I’d have once I arrived here, and yet they still managed to effect me. I definitely lucked out that Linda had free time this week, but for her sake I hope she’s called into work more regularly in the future.

This post is boring. Feel free to bother me at any time with questions, stories, etc to make my life more interesting. Though I’m sure tomorrow when I am a carny for 6 hours I’ll have a story or two to share.

PS: We won free month passes to a women’s gym & spa, which we activated yesterday and it’s an amazing place. The only downside is that it is about 30 minutes away, which makes me not want to go today since it’s so sunny out and I think I need more happiness inducing vitamin D in my life.