No idea why I haven’t written because I haven’t been too busy –  hence the need for gum, I chew more when I’m stressed and now I’m running low –  but I did have a job on Sunday.

Sunday I worked for an event coordinating company at a street fair in Marina Del Rey, which is the next town over from Culver City, which was great because I didn’t get lost! That may be the only the destination I’ve reached without a delay so far. It was a beautiful area, the water was blue and clear and I saw a sea otter!

Anyway, I was in charge of the “skate slide,” which was a giant inflatable ladder and slide. Basically, the child had to climb up the one side, the ladder, and then slide down the other side, the slide. Sounds simple, except when parents are involved. You see, I have plenty of experience with children, I started baby-sitting at 13, I was a cheerleading coach throughout high school, and I spent 5 years camp counseling at meineke, but you know what, in all of those situations the parents weren’t there, key, but interesting detail.

It wasn’t just that some kids don’t listen to others when their parents aren’t there, but instead that the parents thought their teeny tiny kids could climb up the ladder all by themselves, multiple times these kids, that could hardly talk, got stuck at the top or tumbled down and I felt so terrible and sort of guilty that they were unsuccessful, but I tried to remember I was just in charge of saying, “next.”

It did help me get through the sadness of not being at Grenning’s birthday party though! According to Madeline there was a huge bouncehouse, so it’s almost like I didn’t miss much. I hope to see pictures of the party soon.

Aside from that I am officially getting back into shape at the women’s gym Linda and I have a free month at, I’m super sore but that’s a good thing, I need to get back to where I was a little while back, plus what else do I have to do right now? Hopefully I’ll get some work soon – thank God I’m signed up for that class next month, it’s what’s keeping me sane.