At 7:30 today, I already burned 500 calories and the sun was up, this is how you know I love free stuff.

I always think of myself as determined, but more so I think I like to beat the odds. I think being slightly underdog-ish, it’s more fun this way. Right now I feel like a little underdog-ish in a lot of ways, financially, career-wise and physically. Although I kind of chose these options myself: quitting my job, moving across the country and thinking I didn’t need a gym for a while, I’m proving that I really am the determined person I see myself as, thank God because now I am feeling a lot better about the lack of job.

This determination is half the reason I was at the gym at 6 am today, the other half was that Linda had to be at work at 9, it wasn’t entirely the determination to get back in shape, I mean I need to be pumped for that and I do love fitness classes, but really I just want to get as much as possible out of this free month at the gym!

I just really like getting things for free, which sounds kinda bad, but really it’s not an entirely cheap thing, I mean I wouldn’t steal anything just not to pay, but I REALLY like getting my money worth, and really free things: passes, coupons, samples, are the best! So wish me luck on the workout plan, but more so on the interview Monday afternoon, more to come on that hopefully.