I am not a bad driver. Knock on wood as you read this, but I in six years, I have yet to get a ticket or get in an accident. I am a responsible, but understandable driver, I drive above the speed limit enough to keep up with traffic, yet I always use my turn signal and follow most of the rules of the road.

That said, I am TERRIBLE with geography. Which makes me a confused driver. I mean, I could drive to Westwood Tavern from 436 Greenhill with two hands tied around my back and my eyes closed, that’s probably not true, but you get what I’m saying. I’m a confident driver, but only if I know where I’m going, and that is different from being a bad driver.

I have a really hard time understanding where I am and how to get where I’m going. It’s actually pretty embarrassing, especially since half of my brain is filled with sometimes useful but completely unnecessary information about television, health topics, shopping, famous people and most irritatingly, crystal clear memories of things from my past. I could write an entire book explaining why my extreme memory SUCKS, but that’s another story because for geography, I’m lost. Pun intended.

I only went one place today and I managed to get lost three times. I can’t decide if this is because I get easily distracted or because I get emotional by accident. You see, at our new gym parking is only free for 2 hours, you know me, I try to get every minute of my freeness without going over. Well today, I happened to get to the payment guy at 12:21, my ticket said 10:20. I had to pay $1.35 for one minute, which isn’t that much money but it made me minimally frustrated, probably because I went the wrong way exiting the garage and I’m sure I would’ve saved that minute if I knew which way the exit was. Because of this, I didn’t properly direct my SYNC system, a.k.a. Julie, to send me to “new home” and therefore spent 10 minutes going up and east instead of down and west, which I will defend myself saying as soon as I got on the wrong freeway I knew I messed up… I just didn’t know how to fix it. I managed to make two other turn glitches getting back on the right track, even with Julie’s assistance, yet I happened to arrive home in 40 minutes, which is pretty good considering.

This ramble on about driving leaves me with these things to mention:

1) When I’m going somewhere with someone I always ask them to drive. I’m pretty sure Linda, Elizabeth, Danielle and Bridget, among others can vouch for this. It’s not because I’m a bitch people, or that I’m trying to save gas, I always offer to reimburse people, I JUST HATE DRIVING. Getting lost isn’t fun. Also I like observing from the passenger’s seat.

2) I’m curious if geography and telling time are related, cuz I can’t do that either. I mean, I’m 24, I can tell time, but sometimes it takes me a while, especially if the clock is a 3-6-9-12 deal, and don’t even get me started on numberless clocks, that’s pretty much a guess for me. Both of these are super embarrassing because I kinda think of myself as an intelligent person, but there’s something about these two things that just don’t stick with me.

3) In spite of these things, I’m totally proud of myself for the amount of solo driving I’ve done in the past month, because PEOPLE IT’S BEEN A MONTH SINCE I LEFT. And I’m proud of my little car, I mean yes it’s brand new so it should do it’s job, but I guess I’m just glad we meld so well.

4) And my final two things.

4-a) It’s my half birthday, which is crazy because I feel like I just turned 24, when it’s half over. Then I think, on my birthday I had no idea I’d be sitting in bed writing about my new life in a new city in six months, so I guess a lot did happen. Also, my friend from work kept telling me that “24 was my favorite age,” so Crystal, the world has six months to prove you right.

4-b) Finally, a huge šŸ™‚ to my cousin Chrissy, who made my day yesterday by asking “what’s your address so I can send you some gum.” Thanks for reading, Chrissy! Miss you!