At least when you’re at the gym, it’s totally ok to hold that title. It’s not ok anywhere else, believe me, I’m an Abraham, it’s an unfortunate detail of my life.

I’m busting my butt running and going to a workout class today, like super gross style my hair looked like I just got out of the shower, but the weird thing to me was that the instructor was completely sweat-less, and this was her second class in a row teaching. Like I mentioned, I know I”m uber-sweaty, but really how is it possible to teach a 50 minute cardio class followed by a 50 minute weight class and not emit a single drop. I feel like maybe she’d botoxed her sweat glands.

I am in LA, it’s very possibly, plus she has a very plastic looking body. She’s kind of mean, but in a way that she really wants to make sure no one hurts themselves, but each time I’ve attended one of her classes, she’s singled out a woman (always over 40) and basically reams them out through the microphone, which is complete motivation to do everything as correct as possible. Today she was funny though, she said something like, “Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend, squats and lunges are. I was fat til I was 30.” She has an accent so it’s funnier when she says it.

Anyway, back to the sweatlessness, does boxtox really work? is it healthy? or is is just overheating your body, don’t we sweat for a reason other than embarrassment?

I’ll google that info later, I have PLENTY of free time. So far yesterday seems like my busiest day of the week with a magazine modeling meeting and an interview for a post-production PA position, please send me your luck wishes, because I am bored, I even took a nap for two hours today just to kill time.