I think I’m going to the gym at the wrong time of day. Lately it has been taking me over an hour to get there, granted it’s still rare for me to arrive without at least one wrong turn, but still it used to take me less than 30 minutes when we were waking up in the dark to go, however, it now takes me 25 minutes to get home, so I’m thinking that between 8-10 is the worst time to be on those roads, oh well, I have nothing else to do so I’m not tremendously concerned with my time, but I get really hungry when I’m driving so far! Not to mention the game I play with my parking pass, since I had to pay for one minute last week, I’m making sure to leave with ten minutes to spare, but still no fun to rush out of there instead of enjoying the hot tub or steam room – just another reason why after November 11th, we have to find a closer gym.

Anyway, as I’m hanging out in traffic trying not to get distracted by Ryan Seacrest and Rosie O’Donnell’s discussion about Oprah and tequila (very funny segment on his show this morning), I instead got distracted by the motorcyclists swerving through the traffic. You see, in California, motorcyclists get to drive in between cars, which scares the crap out of me as a driver, but also really makes me want to learn to ride one.

Ok, not really. I’d probably die the first time I rode solo, plus making wrong turns would be ten times as risky! But, I bet those cyclers always make it to the gym on time.

The radio is different here too. I’m a cliché 24-year-old girl radio listener, so in Chicago my default station was 103.5 Kiss FM, in LA it’s 102.7 KIIS FM, please explain to me why KISS is KIIS here? I do not understand the reason or pronunciation. What I do know is that LA radio is anti-Chicago, well I guess just anti everything except LA. You see, every song that has lyrics about another city is replaced with LA or California, “Pretty girls in Chi-city” no longer Chi-city, and the worst one is Lady Gaga’s You & I, which is an actual true story about NEBRASKA, and you know what, LA, in Chicago, we still listen to the words, NEBRASKA, but for some reason it’s changed to California here, and the worst part is that whoever was in charge of the changed cut sucked. I only paid attention half the time during radio segments at ICB, but I could fix that track so that you don’t here her start “NEB” and suddenly blast CALIFORNIA, boo, LA radio, not cool.

Though, I redeem your radio, LA because every day I hear at least two No Doubt songs, which is both hilarious and awesome, because Tragic Kingdom is probably my favorite album ever, despite the trauma Michael caused me when he put glue all of the cd and broke it in half.

Last radio observation from today’s ride, I heard a commercial for Trader Joe’s frozen spaghetti and meatballs, so I start actually listening because they’re talking health and sale prices, and all the sudden the announcer is talking about giving the meatballs out to trick or treaters. Now, I’m sure the dish is delicious, and I know plenty of people who would be thrilled to get this — both of my brothers included — but is this commercial serious? If anyone has heard it and can help me out that would be fabulous.

Oh, and today on The Chew, Mario Batali gave weight loss tips. What??

(he was right though, calories in < calories out = weight loss)