Someday I’ll write a whole post without mentioning the gym.

But I’d have to have something else to do first.

Actually, this is more about stress relieving, though my current and all-time favorite reliever is working out, I like being the sweatiest person in the class – and today’s class’s soundtrack was a back to back to back to back – Beyoncé – J.Lo – Beyoncé – J.Lo mix and really what sounds better than that? I do have other stress relievers though, and they include speaking in a British accent, singing my sentences and quacking like a duck.

If you don’t know me, which would make the fact that you’re reading this kind of silly, then you might not be aware of the fact that I might have borderline multiple personality disorder. Not like the manic-depressive kind, but like the actual multiple personalities in one brain kind, you know like that Saved By The Bell episode when Lisa, Kelly & Jessie are all playing the same  girl on the pay phone? What I mean is that I refer to myself in the third person all the time, because I’m usually talking to myself, and I really enjoy my crappy British accent. I started talking to myself when I started talking (18 months), but the rest probably developed in high school and college, but really came into play working at Westwood. When you’re dealing with a lot of people and information at once, you tend to get frustrated. Guests at tables are demanding and there are lines of co-workers at the computers, so that’s when I started toning down my anger by using the accent and quacking. I know, it sounds ridiculous, and it is, but it helps a lot. I guess singing sentences isn’t really a stress tactic, I am more likely to do that when I’m in a good mood.

The stress today was really minor, I was looking in the mirror at the gym and thinking about how many times you hear personal trainers and doctors tell you that you’ll lose weight in your face first and then it will trickle down, so since I’ve been working out pretty hard and know from the scale that it’s paying off at least a little, I’m thinking maybe my caricature cheeks might’ve de-puffed a little, or maybe my Italian grandma flabby arms are less jiggly. Nope, my two differences are under my ribs, which is already the most disproportionate part of my body, and my feet. Yup, my feet (which are already really narrow) lost weight and now my gym shoes are too big. Quack. Thank mom for buying me some new thick socks before I moved because I can’t run in any of the thin ones. I mean, my feet are cute, they’re my favorite body part, but am I gonna walk around with someone mentioning, “Hey Michelle, you look like you’ve been working out, your feet are so skinny!” No, and please if you see me, don’t say that. Maybe next week my minuses will be visual.

What are your biggest stress relievers? Do you run? Sing? Write? Paint? I always wished I could paint!