I went to a super silly workout class today, I say silly in a good way though, it was called In-Sani-Ty (i think), and it’s a self-affirmation and cardio class, sounds weird to be running around learning kickboxing and dance choreography and shouting out good things about yourself, but it’s also kind of awesome.

At the end of the class the instructor passed out a piece of paper to everyone and asked us to commit to something every day of the next week that we would take time out of the day for ourselves. First, I laughed, because almost every minute of every day all of my time is “myself,” because I’m alone a lot. But then, I started thinking that even in my current state of loneliness, what she’s saying is important because I spend most of my internal dialogue being mad at myself for still not finding a job, but cutting my finger just now, for spending too much money on groceries, getting lost, etc, and not a whole lot of time appreciating things or doing things just for fun. Now, obviously my budget is still in mind, the instructor was treating herself to a facial today – not in my budget. But, things like taking a walk or just sitting out in the sun, planning how to make myself a good brand, watching a movie I love or even writing here definitely counts as a good-for-your-mind kinda thing, so I’m trying to remember her assignment when I get crabby, like yesterday.

I spent every minute until 2pm being super angry yesterday. I felt like I was going to puke while running, missed the class I wanted to go to , left my good water bottle at the gym, realized I needed to get gas again, got upset about jobs I felt like I missed out on in Chicago and was just wanting to sleep the rest of the day, or you know, eating all of the ice cream in the world.

Luckily I had made a commitment to do audience work for The Voice at 2:30, which I actually wanted to go to, I needed the money and Linda works there so I thought I might run into her. I didn’t, but I didn’t need to because I had a really great time. I was the last person let in from the casting group, got moved to the front row, made eye contact with all of the coaches – Blake Shelton, Christina Augilera, Cee-Lo Green & Adam Levine, saw David Spade before we went in the studio, saw Carson Daly when we were finishing up, and I got to learn during the shoot because it wasn’t an actual episode, but instead a promo shoot where they were just getting coach and audience shots for commercials and show intros – so remember to look for me in the purple shirt right behind Christina when the promos start airing!

As I walked to my car with my $40, I realized that I just got paid to do something I would do for free and I should just keep that in mind. When I got in the car and had a chance to check my phone (we aren’t allowed to have them in the shows), I had a voicemail about the job I interviewed for on Monday, unfortunately when I called back the producer was gone for the weekend, but at least I have something to look forward to (I hope) on Monday. Wish me luck! Now I’m just hoping all of my roommates get home early tonight so we can go to our friends’ Halloween party together.

What can you commit to doing everyday this week? Remember, this is not something you feel like you HAVE to do, it’s something you WANT to do, and if it doesn’t happen, it just moves on to the next day, no stressing about it, that’s not allowed – good luck!