I keep thinking about my job search as a roller coaster, because every time I get an inkling of a job opportunity, at least three come into play within what seems like an hour, and then I don’t get any of them, hence the downward part of the roller coaster. But, you know what? That is better than having no interviews.

So I again embark on my roller coaster for this week which includes an interview for a boat cruise serving position, which, of course, is immediately followed by another interview/audition for a live “infotainment” infomercial demo position. I know, sounds very “Sham-wow.” But, it is in the realm of what I want to do, and reading script, etc is great practice for The View (in 10 years). I’m not expecting anything awesome from it, but you go and then decide, right?

The Friday is almost a repeat, first a serving position at a Double Tree hotel, and second is another meeting with the magazine I am supposed to be featured in their November issue. I’ll give details about that as they emerge, we are hoping that turns into something amazing because it involves live hosting, print interviews and possibly modeling jobs, all of which pay and include experience. So basically wish me luck on all or any of these four jobs, and that waking up super early to get to the gym before the roller coasters begin.

Or, you know, my parents can just keep sending me winning instant lottery tickets – $100 on one scratch off! Thank you!