I’ve been a little MIA because, well, my brain feels very MIA.

I hope it comes back soon though, I’m a little lost without it. I did however, manage to become employed last week. I will be selling knives in stores, which sounds pretty much exactly like it is, which leaves me happy that someone hired me, it was a series of interviews/call backs, which made me feel good about myself, but it’s still a sales position which sucks. The good thing is that it involves memorizing scripts and speaking in front of a live crowd. Even though I’m not an actress, I do need to master these skills. Plus, if you know me at all you know I won’t have to fake my excitement of cutting tomatoes for the demo. I kinda love knives and I super love tomatoes.

What I don’t love is that I have to drive to different locations and will have to be less flexible on my holiday travel plans, hopefully I can manage to balance the two, since this is the best time to work in retail/sales, but I’m way to homesick to stay here throughout the next full nine weeks. Yup, nine week til Christmas.

The smell of my hair makes me believe this new job is better than working at Starbucks, cuz I don’t like the smell. Also, I’ve been drinking Rockstars for over a week, I flaked on trying to switch to coffee. I fell asleep by 9 pm twice in a row and felt like a tiny chipmunk was hitting a gong in my brain both afternoons. Maybe I can try again when I’m 25.