My favorite people to miss are the ones that I didn’t see much of before I moved. This way hearing from them or seeing them is really great instead of sad when you have to leave. Case in point, Justine.

Justine lives in New York but we went to college together in Iowa and I’ve seen her exactly one time since we graduated, at her wedding.

We are word-nerds and spent a year sharing a cubicle, which is why we are still so close. We have a lot in common, well, I guess just that we both really like food and really like working out, but hey, I’m pretty sure that’s enough. I miss her all the time when I’m at workout classes because she is just as competitive as I am, so we’d push each other. Plus, when I used to teach, she laughed at the ramblings that came out while I was trying to get my class to hold a plank for 2 minutes. I thought of her today because of what she wrote in her blog post,

You are what you eat. Well…at least I’m sweet.


Read it, you’ll like it and if you’re anything like either of us, you’ll identify. Cuz I ate at least 12 cookies Sunday, but I also worked out for over 2 hours yesterday, all about (crazy) balance.