Some people can fall asleep the second their head hits the pillow. Some people have a constant low temperature so when they hit 98.6, they know they’re sick. Some people have overextended arms.

I have orange feet.

Not like spray tan orange, like the bottom of my feet are almost always orange. The rest of my skin is pretty normal and has olive undertones but I can count on carrot toes.

I bring this up because I have one condition with my feet where they change color, to white, and I lose all feeling in them, and today in the shower after this was happening I noticed that the bottom of my feet were Big Bird yellow. The last two days my fingers and toes have been freezing. I mean, it’s been slightly chillier here, but this is due to my new, new gym.

I joined LA Fitness for their guest pass, so for the next 12 days I’ll be going there for free until I go home for Thanksgiving and then go to Bally’s for free for 7 days. Then I promise to suck it up and pick a gym and pay for it, but at least I’m actually getting to try them out. I think my extremities are so cold because the group exercise room is like a freezer. I know that for cardio classes that’s really important but I went to a weight class yesterday and probably the world’s worst Pilates class today, so I was freezing and lost all feeling in my feet, hence the white and yellow bottoms.

If anyone knows how to deal with these crazy circulation problems lemme know.

Now, an evaluation of the classes. Last night I thought I was gonna die. Granted I had already depleted my caffeine for the day by 3pm so going to the gym at 3:30 was dumb, I did the elliptical machine for 40 minutes and then walked over to the room for a weight class. A guy was teaching and that made me think, this will probably be different from the classes I’ve been taking at the women’s gym. Yup.

Not that those classes weren’t challenging, they were, I was sore all the time. But never before the hour was over. I think there was a total of 7 seconds rest in the entire hour. My arms were trembling so much from all of the free weights that I could hardly do one girl push up let alone hold myself in plank, which I’m usually pretty good at. So I was in pain, but the kind where I wanted to go back next week and get better.

Now, this morning was the exact opposite. Still started with elliptical, went to the room for Pilates. I’m sore from yesterday obviously, but that didn’t mean I wanted to sit there for 20 minutes and do nothing while a 75-year-old lady talked to herself out loud. With her sunglasses on. Inside. I probably got about 15 minutes of good work in the hour, thankfully I’m too sore to care, but I will definitely not be back to the 9:45 Tuesday class. Which makes me happier that this is a free trial.

I think free might be my favorite word.