I spent an hour staring at myself in the mirror of a salon in Santa Monica this afternoon. I finally caved to the fact that I really needed a haircut. That plus I found a Groupon and I decided to reward myself for losing 10 lbs, but back to my “memory lane” story.

I had this weird feeling of time. Probably because of the holidays coming up and so many people always asking me, “so how long have you been in LA?” I just had the idea of time on my mind. So I thought to myself, where was I exactly a year ago today.

Because I’m the queen of the nerds, I can tell you exactly  what I was doing a year ago today, it’s on my iCalendar. It was Tuesday, so I didn’t have school, I did a 4 mile workout and went on a 30 minute walk (most likely with my mom), had a doctor’s appointment at 12:10, and worked at 4:30, margarita night. The crazy thing was, I had no idea how things were going to change. It’s very interesting to me that I decided to look back a year ago today and not in a few weeks or a few weeks ago.

That was exactly three weeks before my intern interview at WCIU, and would actually be one of my last margarita nights at Westwood because I stopped working Tuesdays shortly after that. From that day til now, I spent six grueling months with no free time between school, interning and working, but I wouldn’t trade a minute of that because without it I wouldn’t be where I am right now, which, isn’t glamorous or anything, but it will be. I had just started school a little over a month before that and probably wasn’t even “real Michelle,” yet there. If you know me well enough, you know what I mean by that.  I would have NEVER guessed that in 365 days I would be all the way over here in California trying to put that education and internship to good use and follow the dream I had since I was 8, when I used to dress up in my green and pink striped shoulder pad dress with my hair in a braid and my huge bangs in my eyes and make Michael video me for my fake talk show titled, “No body doesn’t like Sara Lee.” I wish I knew where that tape was.