Sometimes I don’t know what I “challenge” myself to not drink caffeine or not chew gum. You know what? Neither thing is that bad for me and you know what else? Caffeine- or gum-less Michelle, SUCKS! It’s almost as bad as a chain smoker. I had my caffeine this morning, but I was gum-less and due to not wanting to be late to the hosting workshop I went without my trusty Trident. Boy was that a mistake. I mean, obviously you don’t host or do ANYTHING TV o screen related with gum in your mouth. Ever. But you know what gum is really good for? After you eat. I think I spent the entire second half of the day picking cauliflower out of my teeth. Yuckfest. I’m feeling very medium about the class. I think there were way too many people there for me to get my money’s worth, which is a LOT of money. Plus, when you only get two chances to talk the whole seven hours, and then the topic your group gets doesn’t spark anything except topics you don’t want to talk about, it sucks. I still have faith in myself and my abilities which is very important. I also have faith that this program facilitates the career I want (need/will have someday). What I don’t have faith in is, like I said, the money I spent for today. So let’s all just cross our fingers that tomorrow will be so worth it that I’ll forget about today. Sounds good? Yeah, I think so too.

Sidenote: Elizabeth picked her bridesmaid dresses – woo hoo!! I can’t wait to go home for over a week and just escape poverty and unemployment lol I’m joking about that, but only a little. Still totally can’t wait.