Lately I have been dealing with a lot of different kinda of motivation and motivators. Between the hosting boot camp I went to over the weekend, the countless (well actually I’m Michelle so I know exactly how many) fitness classes in my recent past and anyone I’ve spoken with about jobs or advice out here, and I’ve come to a decision. Every one of them should be like the guy who teaches the 4:30pm Body Works class at the LA Fitness on La Cienega Blvd.

I went to this class for the first time last week, it was the first day I started my free guest pass at LA Fitness. I elliptical-led for a while then went in. It was probably one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken, but it’s the only one I repeated the second time around because the instructor was the perfect motivator. All motivators, coaches, leaders are different, but lately I feel like I’ve come in contact with the super Type A’s, they yell and scream and take the negative version of motivation. Sure that works sometimes, but it leaves you pissed off when you’re done. No one ever wants to thank the mean motivator.

Then you have the too nice guy/girl. They don’t push you at all, they are just sitting there teaching or speaking with a very small concern for anything other than this is their job and getting paid. This is actually probably worse than the mean people, because at least you’re getting something out of the Type A’s.

But, there is that special group of people, like the Body Works instructor, that knows the importance of balancing the two types of motivators, I can sum it up in a paragraph.

While doing a half push-up, half plank twist exercise, the instructor demo-ed multiple levels of what you could do. I HATE push-ups, it’s hard for my chubby arms to lift my giant bottom half, so I just did the planking twists. The teacher came up to me and told me to “do the push ups, you can do them, I’m not leaving until you do” (Type A), but then said, “awesome job,” and later came back twice to compliment me on other things. He also went around the room and did that for almost every attendee. He was personally engaging everyone and actually having them work to their potential. And I’ll be the perfect amount of sore and not hurt tomorrow.

So this sounds like another “positive lesson of the day” post, but too bad, that’s what I’m looking for right now. Positivity never hurt anyone.