If you’ve read at least two of these posts, you know I’m searching for a gym. Ok, really I’m trying out any gym for a free trial before I cave and get a membership, which is totally legal and kind of fun. It’s nice to be able to make a decision about something when everything else in my life kind of seems like it’s under other people’s discretion right now.

Which leads me to today. I decided yesterday to sleep in and go to the 11am cardio kickbox class. I took one of these classes last week and it was intense so I was excited for the challenge. I walk into the class and it seems normal, everyone is just standing around waiting for the guy to come in and teach. He walks in, turns the music on and in about an 8-count, I knew I wasn’t kickboxing today. I suppose it was obvious from the I should’ve “hola” he was giving everyone, but I wasn’t expecting an hour of salsa dancing. Which is a long time.

The first ten minutes I was half-heartedly dancing and contemplating when I could leave without making a scene and go do some elliptical-ing. Then I told myself to forget it and just bust it out and dance around this room for an hour. I felt kind of stupid and despite my years of cheerleading and charrelle dancing, my feet were all over the place. But I was determined to sweat and get a real workout. Lucky me, there was a 40% chance of BeyoncĂ© dancing in his choreography and I’ve been mastering that for 6 years, so I got a good ab workout for sure. In the end it was kind of fun, I don’t like being lost when I’m trying to workout because I want to get a lot out of my free pass, but it’s always nice to do something completely unexpected, right? And an hour of unexpected hip-shaking is probably better than most other surprises.

More surprised to come! A certain one of my favorite four-year-olds doesn’t know I’m coming home tomorrow!