I think of myself as a very polite person, I always say thank-you when anyone does something nice for me, on the other hand I’ve been told about 7 million times I say “I’m sorry” too much, so maybe those two phrases have lost meaning with me because they just shoot from my brain to my mouth in an instant. So, my goal this week is to think about things that I actually am thankful for. I know, you’re thinking, my goodness Michelle, you’re so ingenious, I mean who would EVER think to make this a week of thanks? And, your sarcasm would be noted, as this is probably on everyone’s mind right now. So do it. You’ll feel better.

I started yesterday by being thankful for my dad, because he woke up super early for me yesterday to go on a 4 mile walk before 9am. I wanted to do that because I, awesomely, got to be a Skype-er on the Food Network’s Thanksgiving LIVE special at 11 so I kinda needed to get a workout in as early as possible. By the way, it was amazing and made me again feel like I am working to a goal that will make me happy – I mean, I belong with all of my FN favorites, I don’t belong on ENews discussing Lindsay Lohan. I do love gossip just as much as Ryan Seacrest, but I love sugar and butter so much more, so Paula Deen is more my soul mate.

Back to what I was saying, yesterday, thankful for my dad. The funny thing is that continued the whole day way after I tweeted about it. Plus, I keep thinking about how lucky I am to be here in Illinois this week which is mostly due to his 39 years spent at United. So, thanks, dad!

And today, I’m thankful for, no surprise, technology. Obviously if you’ve ever read my posts you know my computer and I are best friends. And my phone is jealous about it. I definitely hate technology sometimes, but without it I think my life, and yours if you’re reading this would be so different. I don’t know if it’s just because I love being connected with people, I usually have about five conversations going at once either facebook-ing, texting, emailing or tweeting, or if it’s just because I’m a huge nerd and Google has SO many answers, but technology, I am thankful for you today!

What’s on your list for this week of thanks?